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About Us...

Meet my team

Established in January 2004 Shane Jacob Settlements is an Independent Settlement Agency.
Shane - Director/Licensee:

He's been in the settlement game for as long as anyone in Perth can remember... yes he's been around that long!!! Legend has it, he was born wearing a jacket and tie with a Certificate of Title in one hand and his dummy in the other.

Our fearless leader who goes into each day ready to fight the good fight for our clients.
When Shane isn't in the office, he enjoys spending time with friends and family and recently bought a bike which now collecting dust in the garage.
Shane Jacob Settlements  is an Independent Settlement Agency located in Mount Pleasant, Perth, Western Australia.
We deal with all aspects of property conveyancing and specialise in property transactions all over Western Australia including the Pilbara Region.
It is important to appoint a Settlement Agency that will represent your best interest at all times during such an important part of your life.
At Shane Jacob Settlements, we will be there throughout your property transaction from the beginning to end. Our highly trained team are there for you!



All business between you and Shane Jacob Settlements can be carried out either in our office or by post, and email.  Some documents cannot be emailed so we can post them to you to be signed (and couriered if you are overseas).
His support team:
Christine - Conveyancing Assistant

Danielle - Office Manager

Freya - Client Services Manager

Leah - Admin Assistant

Pablo - Office All-Rounder/Mascot
What can I say about the newest additional to the team?!? He is our greeter, our security guard, our hardest working employee.
Coming to us in July 2019, he has quickly become the most important part of our team, even more so than Shane (sorry boss).
He keeps the office motivated and fun. Sleeping most of the day, only waking to be cuddled, walked or to say hello to our clients, barking until someone pets him. Come say hello to the little guy, nothing makes him happier than to make a new friend.

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