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About Us...

Meet my team

Established in January 2004 Shane Jacob Settlements is an Independent Settlement Agency.
Shane - Director/Licensee:

He's been in the settlement game for as long as anyone in Perth can remember... yes he's been around that long. Legend has it he was born wearing a jacket and tie with a Certificate of Title in one hand and his dummy in the other.

Our fearless leader who goes into each day ready to fight the good fight for our clients.
When Shane isn't in the office, he enjoys spending time with friends and family and on the rare occasion, he finds time for the gym.
His support team:
Demi - Covenyancer/Office All-Rounder.
The heart and soul of the office. Whether it's organising a settlement, working with real estate and mortgage brokers, or taking care of our clients, she is the real boss in the office. Don't let that smile fool you, she is a smart savvy and strong woman who runs the office with an iron fist.
When Demi is not in the office, she enjoys hanging out with her two puppies and enjoying the sights and sounds of Fremantle.
Rene - Business Development Manager.
Have you called in and heard the nice guy with the American accent, well that's him. With a Finance and Real Estate background that goes back more years than he will admit, he likes to think of himself as the Office Manager (see Demi's profile). He works with the clients and does all the techie stuff that we need doing.
When Rene isn't in the office, he's still trying to figure out where in Perth he is... only been in Perth a year and a half. So, if you see him walking around in the city... he's probably lost.
Deb - Admin Assistant/Outside Clerk.
Working in the business for over 25 years, 8 of those working at Shane Jacob Settlements, Deb does it all and is a true veteran of the settlement game. Back for a second tour, Deb comes back to us after being away for 2 years. If she's not greeting clients, following up on documents or working on keeping the Big Guy (Shane) organised, Deb is running around town getting our settlements handled. When Deb isn't in the office, she is spending time with her gorgeous family. 
Shane Jacob Settlements  is an Independent Settlement Agency located in Mount Pleasant, Perth, Western Australia.
We deal with all aspects of property conveyancing and specialise in property transactions all over Western Australia including the Pilbara Region.
It is important to appoint a Settlement Agency that will represent your best interest at all times during such an important part of your life.
At Shane Jacob Settlements, we will be there throughout your property transaction from the beginning to end. Our highly trained team are there for you!



All business between you and Shane Jacob Settlements can be carried out either in our office or by post, and email.  Some documents cannot be emailed so we can post them to you to be signed (and couriered if you are overseas).